About Us


Founded in August 2018 in Dubai. JVC INTERNATIONAL aims to deliver best possible services, parts, accessories, equipments to house and companies. Our sole existence is based on our reputation made by the hard work of our employees, teams and partners. 


JVC INTERNATIONAL TRADINGS has a great team consists of more than 100 peoples. We have taken and will take every order very seriously. In no time we have climbed to a Million DIRHAMS ladder and soon coming 10 Million.

That's What We Are

Welcome to JVC International Trading, your modern and trusted partner in the world of computer electronics trading In a fast-paced digital era, we understand the importance of staying ahead. At JVC, we embrace cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to provide you with the latest and most advanced computer electronics products.

“JVC International Trading is a modern and trusted trading company that excels in connecting businesses with top-quality electronics. With a deep commitment to excellence, we specialize in sourcing and distributing cutting-edge computer and electronic products. Our team of experts ensures reliability and efficiency in every transaction, making us the preferred choice for businesses seeking innovative solutions in the dynamic world of electronics trading.”

Our Process

In the ever expanding, fast Re Export market, JVC INTERNATIONAL TRADINGS aspires to become the premier source for all your Consumer Electronic & Home Appliance merchandise.

Let our years of knowledge and experience in the industry become your biggest and Strongest partner in the world’s most dynamic industry.